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I'm so glad you've found your way here., wether you have been recommended to us or you found us by universal chance, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Welcome. At Spiritual Soul Centre, we offer a variety of services to meet each person's individual needs. Take a look around and see what we can offer you. Guaranteed there will be something that lights your soul up.

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My Journey

Where to begin, spirituality is now my life but at one point it saved my life. I have always been open and sensitive to energy, since being a child. However, as society got its hands on me, my mind, body and soul became completely misaligned, meaning my physical and mental health suffered terribly. From the ages of 11 to around 19/20 I was in an out of A&E in Hospital with Stomach Problems, accompanied by serve anxiety, depression & panic attacks. When I found spirituality slowly, everything started to make sense my journey into spirituality is truly where my journey to self and healing began. 

I now live a life full of adventure, a whirlwind full of a free spirited journey. 

My journey into spirituality began almost by chance, I went for a reading and I was told I needed to train , from then on out it all developed pretty quickly. I started with tarot readings, over the years I expanded my spiritual knowledge into mediumship, healing, psychic, crystals, mediation, and then I learnt how to show others how to open their own abilities. in 2021, I expanded out my readings into past life readings and soul atunement sessions reading people with a higher consciousness and tapping into the akashic field to explore any blockages in the aura. I also explored guided mediations a lot in 2021 and following into 2022, I now guide individuals through their own chakras, emotions, past / inner child, healing sessions to allow self participation to really break through those barriers within. 

My main aim in spirituality is to help align and balance the mind, body & Soul, to help bring peace and calm where there is chaos or pain. I achieve this mainly with the sessions I do either 1-1 or on zoom additionally I branched out my methods of spreading light via writing an Ebook., 'Light Up Your Life' as well as Designing and Creating my own Affirmation Cards to help spread the light daily; 'Soul Speak Affirmation Cards' Both can be accessed on the page. Also found on the page is Hand Crafted Polymer Clay Crystal Jewellery & Ornaments, Spiritual Artwork & More. Read more about my journey here.

Please have a look around I'm sure we have something that lights up your soul. 

If you want to ignite your fire within, get in touch today let us help you light up your life. 

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