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Giving you the Low Down 

Where to start, I am not like most people and I do not live a 'normal' life, I tried that and I just didn't work for me. I have spent my fair share of years, stuck in the system, paralysed by trauma, fear, anxiety, depression. It took me years to fully break myself out of the paradigm, I was a product of big Pharma, a product of a fear ridden brain washing indoctrination society that leaves you broken and feeling alone. I experienced years worth of stomach issues, mental health issues and such a disconnect from my own little inner child and my soul. I had to go through years of intensive pain and experiences that led me to where I am now, knowing what I know now; I wouldn't change one single thing I went through as it all shaped me into the person I am today.

After Starting Tarot Card Reading, then exploring into psychic, mediumship then into Past Life, Channeling, Working with the ET's and diving into my soul mission. That's a part of my journey I don't speak much about however its probably one of the most important parts of my role here on this earth. I have been living my soul mission from a child, experiencing visions & premonitions, being a highly sensitive empath, as I got older it became clear my mission was to create a new frequency on this earth, to help shift the earth out of darkness and suppression into the new earth thats to come. 

We all have a mission and a role on this earth it's now time for us to start stepping into ours. 

Practising In:

  • Psychic, Mediumship, Tarot Reader

  • Past Life, Channelling, Soul Attunement Sessions 

  • Channelled Artwork

  • Author 

  • Healer 

  • Entity Removals & Clearing 

  • Training & Development 

  • Singer / Sound Healer

Creator of:

  • Crystal Jewellery - Channelled in from the Galatics

  • Channelled Artwork - Paintings created from channelling

  • Creator of Soul Speak Affirmation Cards 

  • Author of Light Up Your Life

  • Singer & Song writer - 'Rise Up' 

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