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Vocal Bookings

The 2023 Calendar is OPEN for Bookings, From Weddings, Engagements, Birthday's and any other celebrations or events. 


When Booking us for your wedding, there are multiple packages available.
Package One: You can choose to have Anya Preform at your wedding for Isle Walk, First Dance (Option of personalised original song.)
Package Two: Anya Can preform an Evening Set 3X30 Min Sets throughout the Day or Evening. 
Package Three: Live Performances from Anya, the option to work with the Everlance Team in Wedding Decor & Events Management.

Any Travelling Requirements will be quoted into your specific price.

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Vocal Performer for multiple events, themed Birthdays Themed Events, Opening Launches, Engagements & More. 
Tailored sets to suit your needs, I cover multiple genres & songs to meet the needs of your event or suited vibe your trying to create. 

Get in touch for a personalised quote. 

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