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Soul Attunement Sessions 
Past Life Readings 

After Reading Psychically & with mediumship since 2017; in 2021 I dove deeper into my spiritual journey and started to learn Past life reading. This then lead to delving into the akashic field and assisting clearing blockages on a higher level. Tapping into soul contracts, Past life karma & energy, soul purpose & mission, galactic family & higher dimensional support. Using a mixture of Channelling & Reading to unlock the key information necessary to assist your awakening journey at that time. 

Past Life Readings have always been a great interest to me, I had sought past life readings before and not necessarily felt the closure and healing that I had been seeking. When I dived into my own past life journey it was really important to me to divulge not just the facts of past life characteristics but also the relevant factors from that past life to this current life or circumstances; Previous soul contracts carried on into this life creating toxic bonds or complicated relationships, traumatic deaths that lead to irrational fears or trauma carried on into this life, Physical ailments, personal circumstances, burdens, commitments or emotions overlapping into this life that need to be acknowledged and released to provide healing and enlightenment in the now.


Soul attunment sessions are very similar to past life sessions and past lives do come up in these sessions, however it allows room for contact and connection with higher dimensional beings and galactic family, home planets & true soul origin; providing deeper expansion into your higher soul & connections from the divine. The intention behind these sessions are to help you align back on to your soul path, or to help guide you on your path making it easier on the way. These readings are designed for those already on the path of awakening and higher consciousness. 

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"Hold on to your cosmic hats as Anya Lily's Soul Sessions are MINDBLOWING!!! 
I didn't anticipate such an expansive & activating reading like I've never had before!  Otherwise I would of got my astral suit on, but you don't need to. All you need is your presence, a paper, pen & openness to receive the divine activation. 

I Was SO Activated after my reading I was so inspired to really actively participate on the information I Received, That was so relevant to my current life and some of the reoccuring patterns & loops showing up. 

Anya even gives practical and clear ways to overcome the past life karmas & weird energies showing up in my relationships. Even giving the backstories to these past lives - offering an activation of remembrance of my being and the mission I am on

"There are zero human words to describe the session we just had, absolutely out of this earth. Just unbelievable. Im still in shock lost for words, but the connections that were made my mind was on fire trying to keep up and piece it all together, so much valuable information coming in so fast, I just can't recommend enough, my soul feels at peace right now, I feel like I'm glowing."

Eliza Ray - 2022

:Get your note pads ready and get strapped in because your about to have your whole conscious expanded, the energy that I felt coming out of that reading was indescribable, from my arcturian family coming through having both me and ania in tears, I could see the relflactions of blue shining over our cameras on zoom, my only qualm is I wanted more even though we ran over time a good 20 mins. just amazing. would recommend 10 times over."

Lisa Beach - 2022

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