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Guided Meditation & Healing 


My journey with healing has been a very personal one, I had to go through an extensive healing journey within myself to get where I am now. I practise various methods of self love, worth & daily healing; using multiple techniques to provide my self alignment between mind body & soul. A product of that is a desire to help others achieve that same semblance of balance within them selves and inner healing.

Offering various different sessions from:

  • Healing sessions using energy, archangel, Crystal & reiki healing techniques,

  • Online guided healing sessions using Archangel Raphael assistance,

  • Guided chakra unblocking, cleansing & opening,

  • Guided Inner Child Healing Sessions,

  • Guided Womb Cleansing,

  • Guided Spiritual Protection & Auric Cleanse,

  • Guided Cord Cutting,

  • Meeting your spirit Guides,

  • Past Life Cleansing & Healing,

  • Guided Beginners Mediation,

  • Opening the Third Eye Guided Mediation Session,

  • Cleansing, Healing & Opening the Heart Chakra,

  • Guided Solar Plexus Grounding & Protection,

  • Expansive Consciousness Guided Mediation,

  • Trauma Releasing Guided Mediation.

These various services are designed to help those on their spiritual journey, open up & heal to provide them with alignment in the mind, body & soul. 

Get in touch if your ready to experience any one of these transformational services. 


"I did a Guided mediation with Anya  to meet my spirit guide and it was one of the most powerful emotional things ive ever done. Meeting my grandad again in spirit, in such a beautiful setting with such ease was just magical"

Tim Robinson - 2022 

"Anya took me on a journey to meet my inner child. WOW, just WOW! no words can explain that experience, such a intense feeling, I was sobbing and everything!! can not recommend enough if you need to nurture that little child in you."

Lauri Holmes - 2022

"I Did a Guided Chakra Alignment with Spiritual Soul Centre, it was that powerful and intense we had to do the sessions on two separate occasions. The emotions released from my heart were overwhelming I was laid crying my eyes out, It just wouldn't stop. I felt the most beautiful release afterwards like a weight had been lifted from my chest. Because of how powerful the top chakras were to cleanse release and balance we had to stop at my heart after the big release to let me process and finish the lower chakras this week. Absolutely mind blowing."
Jane Phillips - 2022

"I Always believed I couldn't mediate turns out I was trying too hard the whole time!! Went on one beginners guided mediation session on zoom and after that I now mediate as easy as breathing!! Can't Recommend enough.
Tom Nichols - 2021 

Are You Ready To Transform?

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