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Want to Explore Your Own Abilities?

We have a selection of courses available for you to be able to delve into the world of spirituality for your self, whether that's through tarot, mediumship, healing, pendulums, crystals, or something else we are here to help you develop your own abilities and skills in a way that's comfortable, safe and tailored to the way you work. Take a look around and see if anything appeals to you.


Tarot Card


Do You Want to learn the ins and outs of tarot? The world of reading with Tarot cards, a 6 week intensive course can teach you all you need to start opening yourself up to Tarot Reading.


Mediumship Diploma

Do You Want to Open Up into the world of Mediumship, Becoming a medium between the two worlds. Opening up your chakras & learning how you work, learning the Clairs' & so much more.

Energy Healing

Healing Diploma

Do you Want to explore Healing, The different types of healing, from crystal, energy, archangel, reiki & Source healing, how you work as a healer, how to protect your own energy & create a release of stagnant energy from the auric field. 


Psychic Diploma

Interested in Opening up as a Psychic? Learning how to interoperate and read energy, Reading aura colours, symbols, past present future, reading emotions and energy & learning how to protect your aura. Then the psychic Diploma is 100% for you.

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