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Transformation To True Self Workshop Day

Welcome, if your Higher Self has Guided you here; We at Spiritual Soul Centre are Grateful, The Universe & Your Soul Will be elated. This experience is NOT for everyone, it is truly transformational on a multidimensional level. Aimed to help you integrate and hold your true self energy. This workshop day will be aimed at allowing you to step into the True form self, removing away the blockages & allowing you to surrender to the energetic transition thats to come, with support, love, protection & music throughout. This process can be life changing when done in divine timing and aligned to self.

Booking Details 

Saturday 25th February 2023

10:00am - 6:00pm


Hollins Hall Hotel, Golf & Country Club
Hollins Hill, Baildon, Shipley, BD17 7QW

Nearby Hotels:



Ibis Shipley & More.

Limited Spaces Available (55 Places) First come first serve basis, please get in touch for any questions.



hollins hall.jpg

"It's time for you to fly."

Workshop Day Itinerary 

What will the day bring?


* 10:00am - Meeting in the room 
Gather together for Opening Circle

* 10:15 Morning Mediation / (protection) Setting intentions 

*Introductions & Talk

* Removing the limiting beliefs & defensive barriers - using exercises & Activities 

// Break 11am - 11:30am //

(snacks provided)

Time to look at the stall


Sound Session

* 11:30am Shemanic Healing Drumming circle 

* Inner Child, Inner Teen, Healing & Deep Trauma Release

*Music playing before break to raise vibration.

// Lunch 1pm - 2pm  //

(Vegetarian & Vegan Lunch Provided) 
Mild Veg Curry with Rice & Naan.

MidAfternoon Energy Work

* 2pm Music & Movement

* 2:10pm Immersive Sound Healing bath- Crystal Bowls & Tuning Forks & Light Language

* 3pm - Guided Reconnection to source 

// Break 3:30pm - 4pm // - Grounding outside 

(Refreshments Provided & Toilet Break)

Afternoon Transformation Work
* 4pm - Intensive Energy Work

*Calling in the Spirit Team & Ancestors
* Soul Fractal & Past Life Retrievals

* Expanding into Giant.. biggest version of self

* Unlocking the Energy Portals Throughout the Body through the chakra system

* Transform & Integrate Into True Self Being 

* Guided Energetic Clearing - Entity removals / Guided Process.

* 5pm Closing Down Ceremony Activations in place.


* 5:10pm Questions & Chat 

* 5:45pm Finishing up

Additional Notes:

* Please bring a note pad & pen

* Please feel Free to bring your own snacks & drinks (however please try and nourish your body with light clean food for that day with all of the energy work going to take place)

* If you have any food allergies or intolerances please get in touch when purchasing a ticket.

* There will be Our stall in place selling Rare Brazilian Crystals, Hand Crafted Crystal Jewellery, Affirmation Cards, Digital copies of the Ebook, Artwork, T-shirts & More. -

The Stall will be CASH ONLY - Please Bring Cash for the Stall if you plan to purchase anything. 


Are You Ready
To Transform?

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