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Star Spirit Song

Music and singing has been apart of my life since way before I offically entered the world of spirituality, its not surprising now knowing the healing power of music & sound frequency. I have been practising singing, plus Dance, Performing Arts & more since a young age. Whilst music has always been a huge part of my life, it hasn't always been the forefront of my career. Yet in 2022, it became clear more than ever that I needed to be combining spirituality work and singing into one. When being asked to speak at the Mark Attwood Event Nov 2022 I decided it was the perfect time to combine the two together so on a live performance I spoke and Sang, I'll post the link below. When working with my voice again after a couple years away from performing, gigs & weddings, I found myself being called to music and singing again, I was drawn to writing songs and music, connecting with it on a whole new level, activating my throat chakra in whole new ways. I am wanting to open up my availability for singing and performances in various capacities, whilst posting free new content on Youtube.

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