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Soul Speak Affirmation Cards

This Deck is unlike any other, Channeled, designed & created with the intention to align the mind, body & soul. Brought Forward from source energy encased with pure love & light activation codes, Every singular card will bring individual healing, guidance & aspiration. When used daily these cards can create a divine alignment for the day to come creating the best possible reality, bringing spiritual guidance and support from your spirit team when needing clarity & support; aligning your manifestations and positive energy in the right direction.

Pink Gradient

With over 82 Cards in Each Deck, the deck is channeled to bring the specific guidance you need in that moment. Shuffle the deck and choose a card or a few to receive your daily affirmations. Channelled specifically to bring up any issues, blockages, obstacles, necessary healing and more in the auric field. Implementing these cards into your daily routine and your spiritual journey they will guide you into pure alignment between the mind, body & soul; giving you that nudge on to your soul path...

Get a Pack and see for yourself.

I have always known about law of attraction, manifestation for a couple of years, however it had taken a back seat in my spiritual journey. I had focused a lot on my own healing, the inner work, releasing a lot of trauma. When I had found some semblance of peace and harmony in my life; I wanted to remain in the best version of my reality I could create. In 2021 I started using Daily Affirmations, I started to write them on coloured card, starting with 3, 4 cards and over a two week period they were channelled through me totalling over 82 cards. I made them just for myself originally then all my friends & customers wanted to use them and gave such fantastic feedback I decided to design and mass create them. They have had nothing but unbelievable reviews. 


"These Cards are just beautiful, I use mine every day, it's like getting a mini reading each day. Sometimes I'll pull a card and not understand the relevance only to see later on how bang on the card was."
- Maisie Ray

"They made sure I did the work, the same cards kept coming out every day, I didn't get it at first then I realised it was because I hadn't taken the message properly, when I started to fully absorb and understand the message I started getting different cards." - Oliver Spencer

"Anya gave me a reading with these cards in the desert and they really are bang on." - Mark Attwood 2023

"I adore my cards, I use them very day as part of my morning routine whilst picking a Crystal for the day. They make me feel whole and set for the day ahead, every day guidance and support at the shuffle of the cards."
- Lousia Jones

"Soul Speak cards are unlike any other cards Ive ever had, they really do speak directly to your soul. It's scary how accurate they can be."

- Trisha Hewitt

"I didn't get it at first, I kept picking cards that were the opposite of how I was feeling.. then it dawned on me that the reason for that is because I'm meant to call in from the universe how I want to feel or what I want to bring in with the Affirmations."
- Claire Richardson 


"Today I Am Paving my Own Path"

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