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When writing this Ebook, the focus I had in mind was to provide individuals with a handbook to spirituality, something I wish I had acsess to when ebarking on my own journey. Light up your life is written for those that need support, clairty and simplification as they peel apart the layers that they are living under. A spiritual awakening is not easy or fun by any means yet it can take us to the depths of our souls to the become the version of us we are meant to become, underneath all the conditioning, brainwashing and trauma responces we have built up over our years in surivial mode, and it is so liberating. This ebook is a guide to enlightment, covering so much from: my own journey to into spirit, mediation, crystals, self healing, self love & worth, mental health, detoxing, herbal healing, cold water therapy, awakening, transformation, boundries and so much more. This book is made for those who need it only, those who are ready to recieve it, I have aimed to make it accesable to as many people as possible to help as many as It can to align their mind, body & soul. 


So if you are ready, then Light Up Your Life. 

"Light Up Your Life"

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