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Up Coming Workshops

After we had such a successful workshop day in February 2023, we wanted to keep bringing the magic and allow that energy to flow online to reach more people who were interested in joining us for expanding their soul.


Embracing Your Wild Side 

Monday 24th April 2023 

6:30pm - 8:30pm

£35 PP

Come join Myself & Trisha as we lead you through a workshop evening on discovering your wild side, allowing your divine feminine energy to flow, allow yourself to tap into your sexual, sensual self, allowing yourself to feel whole, to reclaim your power after years of it being taken from us. Participating in Group Talks, Energy Work, Worksheets, Activities & Meditations.

Higher Heart Activation Workshop

Hosted By Anya, Trisha & Duygu

Saturday 23rd April 3pm - 6:30pm UK GMT Time

Hosted on Zoom

A day full of higher heart activations, join myself, duygu & Trisha for a phenomenal day as we journey through the different aspects of self. Navigating Accountability with Duygu, Forgiveness with Anya & Remeberance with Trisha. This day is going to be unveiling parts of self that need to be brought back to the heart. We will be doing join discussions, workshop activities, mediations, and subconscious journeys & giving you some activities and worksheets to complete after the workshop. If you are ready to activate your highest heart then come join us.  



connecting the mind body soul. Healing of the heart - Guided Session Inner Child, Teen, Current Self, Higher Self, Future Self & Shadow Self Integration. Activating, working with and accepting the aspects of self. // Breakout Rooms, 

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Welcome to the World of Mediumship Workshop

Thursday 27th April 2023 
11:30am - 3pm GMT

Want to discover more about your connection to mediumship, we will explore the spirit world, the connection you already have with spirit. The way you work, the Clairs, expanding your skill. Using worksheets, group talks, Question and Answer, Meditations & More.

Third Eye Activations

Wednesday 3rd May 
3pm - 5pm GMT

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