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Last one!!!

An unbelievable peice!! A Rare one off pink rose amethyst crystal slab secured in a wooden free standing base. This peice is a one off brazilian imported beauty, never to be seen at this price EVER!! We couldn't believe our eyes when we got this in stock and we know with there only being 3 of them all unique and individual they certainly will not last long. Pink Amethyst works directly with the heart chakra, allowing the true divine feminine to emerge, bringing out the softer, vulnerable energy that allows you to heal. Rose Pink Amethyst focuses on the healing of the heart, guiding us through any uncertainty with our own inner child, self love, opening the heart & relationships and helping us to follow our inner intuition. Pink Amethyst guides us towards emotional balance and overall peace. This

powerful crystal is known to instill feelings of deep understanding, inner calm, trust, peace, and grace. Increasing our intuition and deep clarity. Whether wearing your pink amethyst or keeping it nearby throughout the day with this beautiful crystal rose amethyst in your home watch the powerful transformation and deep sense of “knowing” that will wash over you, embrace it and get ready for superior

6KG Rare Brazilian Rose Pink Amethyst Slab on Wood Stand

SKU: 1
£420.00 Regular Price
£390.00Sale Price
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